Marine Biology

Marine Biology is almost a nonsense term. The idea that one scientific discipline can cover all the habitats and species occupying two thirds of the world’s surface area and a depth range of over 11,000 meters is quite frankly ridiculous. It is, however, this expectation that has lured the various members of this Section into the study of our fascinating world below the waves.

Among our current members can be counted ex-commercial fishermen, undergraduates, academics,  conservation workers, avid beach cleaners, dog walkers and just about anyone who finds excitement when standing knee deep in water, looking under a rock and saying, “What on earth is that?”

Blessed with the third biggest tidal range in the world and positioned at the border between the North Atlantic and Mediterranean marine species limits, Jersey is a fascinating place to explore the seas.  

New members are always welcome to join the Section irrespective of knowledge or qualification. All we ask is that you are curious about the world around you and don’t mind getting your feet wet.