Geology Programme - July - December 2018

La Société Hédonistique des Amicales Géologues. Aug. - Dec. ‘18.


Aug. 10.  Pier Rd - South Hill stone walk. CC. Meet 8.00 pm. Members’ Rm.     

17.  Dinner.

24.  Grand Canyon geology.  David N.  Meet 8.00 pm. Members’ Room.


Sept. 14.  Classification & ID of Igneous Rocks. RN.  Meet 8.00 pm. Member's Room.

21.  Dinner.

28.  Cretaceous continuing. AH.  Meet 8.00 pm. Members’ Room/La HB ie.


Oct.  12.  New Zealand & SW Africa geology. John Cl. 8.00 pm. Members’ Rm.

19.  Dinner.

26.  Cutting/polishing/Microscope Sed. Rocks. AH/RN. 8.00 pm. La HBie.


Nov.  9.   Moroccan fossils/geology. AH. Meet 8.00 pm. La HBie/ Members’ Rm.

16.  Dinner.

23.  Western quarries & Building stone. CC. 8.00 pm. La HBie/Members’ Rm.


Dec.  14.  Christmas Quiz.  AH.  Meet 8.00 pm.   La HBie/AM Room.

21.  Dinner.


Jan. 11.   Programme Mtg. Jan - June. 2019. 



Top picture: Natron (sod. carb.) lakes, E. Rift, Tanzania

Bottom picture: Underground brine (Na, Ca, Mg) lake Mars.           


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