Geology Spring Newsletter '18

Geology Section Report for the Spring Newsletter, 2018.


The Section will continue with its programme of talks and presentations in the Members’ Room on the different aspects of Jersey Geology. They will concentrate on descriptions of the striking rock types, their textures and their structures, and the interpretation of their origin.

Our geological history is complex and quite remarkable and our talks will continue to reveal examples of our deltaic sandstones, volcanic andesites and rhyolites, our varied granites and conglomerate from the quarries where they  have been extracted for the construction of various buildings, and for ornamental purposes; the more recent Ice Age and Interglacial deposits, such as raised beaches, will also be described. Illustrated geology from further afield in England and France will also be presented where examples of rocks and fossils are absent from Jersey’s sequence.  

The Section will also hold meetings at La Hougue Bie for cutting and polishing personal hand specimens collected by Members, and for recording and cataloguing the re-boxed specimens collected more than fifty years ago from various sites in Jersey and stored at La Hougue Bie.

Field visits will also take place at La Rocque and La Pulente where rocks and fossils from the sea bed to the south and west are exposed.

The Section meets on the second and fourth Fridays of each month at 8.00 pm with a dinner meeting on the the third Friday at different venues.

Information may be obtained from the Office or from Colin Cheney(Chairman) and Ralph Nichols(Secretary). 


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