Garden History

The Garden History Section meets once a month in the Arthur Mourant Room. at 2pm, to discuss all aspects of Jersey garden history. Subjects include the creation and designs of the garden, the gardeners, both amateur and professional, who helped to make them, the tools they used, the plants growing in the gardens, and the nurseries who supplied the plants. Any member interested  in the historical aspect of Jersey gardens is welcome.

Garden History have again put together a display in the cabinet in the Members Room. Topics covered relate to areas of research various members are following e.g. gates. Going through a garden gate usually opens into garden history. Members have been photographing various types of gates in different parts of the island and these reflect different styles and periods.

Ex-States plant pathologist, Nora Treanor, has put together data on the Colorado beetle which has plagued the lives of farmers and gardeners over time. 

The positions of plant nurseries dating from mid 1800's to early 1900's is displayed on a modern map.
We have a fine collection of photographs of Ariel Whatmore's maze at Les Aix, showing her unique maze in summer and under snow.
There are also some adverts dating from a gardening age long gone.

As garden history research and gardening generally is hard work, we have a recumbent scarecrow too!