The European Day of Megalithic Culture 28.04.19

Sunday 28th April 2019, 11:00-16:00

The Société Jersiaise and Jersey Heritage are celebrating the day at three of Jersey's dolmens, with short talks from island specialists and Neolithic-based crafts to try with our volunteers; salt dough bead-making, pebble painting and natural decorations.

At Faldouet dolmen, St Martin, join Jersey Heritage archaeologist Olga Finch to hear about the site's history and see some of the Neolithic artefacts from around Jersey.

At Les Monts Grantez dolmen, St Ouen, find local historian Sinclair Forrest and Underground's human osteologist Rosalind Le Quesne with a Neolithic burial reconstruction. **Warning - human remains on display at this site**

At Le Couperon dolmen, St Martin, Jersey Heritage guide Philippa Kergozou and Marc Yates from History Alive! are ready to show you around.

Download a map to all the dolmen sites here:

If you make it to all three dolmens and find out the correct answers to these three questions, you could win a GIANT 1KG LINDT CHOCOLATE BUNNY!

What is the weight of the capstone at Faldouet?
What is the name of the skeleton at Grantez?
What is in the 'port-hole' at Le Couperon?

Give your name and number along with your answers to any of our volunteers at any site, and the winner will be picked at random from the correct entries.

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