Rapport des Commissaires (1515)

This short document, published by us in 1878, is the report of two Commissioners; George Treheyron and Regnauld Meynours, sent to Jersey by the young King Henry VIII.  The main spur for the Commission was the receipt at Westminster of claims against the conduct of both the Governor, Vaughan, and the Bailiff, Lempriere, whom Vaughan had recently removed from office.  The Commissioners also reported on various land disputes; holders of fiefs; rights of way, etc; as well as more mundane matters such as the stealing of apples from the garden of the Priory of L'Islet.  The Report was followed up by another in 1531, published in our 1907 Bulletin and the two are discussed in an article by Eagleston on the Chroniques de Jersey in our 1936 Bulletin.

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