Manifeste des Etats de L'Ile de Jersey (1646)

This document, published by us in 1886, was an expression of unity and loyalty to the King signed by all heads of households in the Island, and other prominent Islanders.  It was prepared at a time when Islanders were still somewhat divided between King and Parliament owing to the strength of Calvinism in the Island.  The arrival of Charles, Prince of Wales, the following month (April 1646) greatly increased Royalist sympathy and the execution of the King (January 1649) largely extinguished any remaining parliamentary support in the Island.  The copy of the Manifeste that we own has only the signatures for the Parish of Saint Lawrence appended.  No other copies are known to exist but the Journal de Jean Chevalier, published by us, gives the full background of the preparation and signing of the Manifeste.

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