This seventeenth century account of Jersey was written by Jean Poingdestre (1609-91) in about 1682 and presented to King James II.  Poingdestre, a Jurat and Lieut. Bailiff in later life was also a noted writer on Jersey law and a scholar of ancient Greek.  He played an important part assisting Sir George Carteret in Jersey during the latter stages of the English Civil War before the English conquest of the Island in 1651.  At that time he must have known the King, the Duke of York, who spent many months living alongside Poingdestre in Elizabeth Castle.

The other important seventeenth century account of Jersey was published in our 1935 Bulletin, also online.  It was written by Philippe Dumaresq, Seigneur de Samarès (1637-90) and was also presented to King James II in 1685.

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