Help & Tips on Searching

Note: The language of the Bulletin changed from French to English in the period 1940-50. You need to search the earlier volumes using French.

To search, type one or more words. Note the OR/AND selection button eg:

  • aubin OR brelade will retrieve pages where EITHER word occurs
  • aubin AND brelade will retrieve only pages where BOTH words occur

To search for a phrase, enclose in quote marks eg “hougue bie”.

In the Bulletin, you can search for a word/phrase across all volumes, or narrow your search by selecting a particular year.

To browse, select a volume and expand to see the issues and dates. (Note that the pages numbers relate to the pdf version, not to the original).

For the other publications, you can choose to search just one by clicking on the down arrow in the box, or all at once.

The search results show which page(s) your search word appears on. Once you have selected a page to view, the whole issue of that Bulletin / publication will load in the window. This may be a little slow, but subsequent page views in the same issue / publication will load much faster.

Use the magnifying glass symbol at the top left of the screen and the ‘highlight all’ box to see occurrences of your search word(s) appear in colour.

Download: click on the download arrow, top right.

Print: first download as above, then open the file in Adobe Acrobat. Select the relevant pages and print.