The study of Jersey’s history has always been a core activity and the first History Committee met in 1874. We have several published authors and Blue Badge guides in our active membership. We cover all aspects of Jersey history and our members have varied interests. We welcome everyone, regardless of level of knowledge, and wish to encourage those who want to find out about our island.

What we do

  • Study Jersey history, individually or as a group. Members tell us of their findings, which lead to stimulating discussions
  • Research topics related to Jersey. These cover a great range (people, families, houses, buildings, streets, education, trades and professions, Jersey’s diaspora)
  • Organise and present a series of public weekly lunch-time lectures each Autumn
  • Organise local walks, talks and visits to historic sites in Jersey for our members
  • Answer queries which come in via the website from members and the general public, both here and overseas. Sometimes we are asked to identify photographs and objects