Geology Programme - January until July 2016

La Section des Géologues Hédonistiques;  Programme,  Jan. - July 2016.


Jan. 8th.   Programme Mtg. Members’ Room. SJ. 8.00 pm.


Jan. 15th.  Dinner.


Jan. 22nd.  Rhyolite Trail (1); Formations & Flows, Tuffs & Breccias. RN. Members’ Room. 8.00 pm.


Feb. 12th.  Cutting, polishing; library, disposing/borrowing. CC, AH. La Hougue Bie. 8.00 pm.

(Half term starts Fri. pm 12th.)

Feb. 19thDinner.


Feb. 26th.  Pterodactyls. AH. Members’ Room


Mar. 11th.  Rhyolite Trail (2); Ignimbrites & Spherulites. RN. Members’ Room. 8.00 pm.


Mar. 18th.  Dinner.


Mar. 25th.  Good Friday; no meeting.


Apr. 8th.  Fossil Shells; tricky ones! Identification & Habitats. RN. Members’ Room. 8.00 pm.


Apr. 15th.  Dinner.


Apr. 22nd.  Geology below St. Helier. CC. Members’ Room. 8.00 pm.


May 7th, 8th, 9th. Normandy visit instead of meeting Frid. 13th. Details to follow.


May 20th.  Dinner.


May 27th.  Cutting, polishing; library, disposing/borrowing. CC, AH. La Hougue Bie. 8.00pm.

(Half term starts Fri. pm 27th.)

June 10th.  Plémont to La Grève au Lançon. Caves, dyke swarm, xenoliths. RN. Meet 7.00 pm.


June 17th.  Dinner.


June 24th.  Cretaceous 4. AH. Members’ Room. 8.00 pm.


July 8th. Programme Mtg. Members’ Room, SJ. 8.00 pm.


Tony Ellison will confirm dinner venues and times, please confirm availability with him.Photos;

  Our Giant’s Causeway, La Crête (J de Carteret).......& Spherultic Rhyolite, Les Hurets (Jo Sonnex).

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