Geology Spring Newsletter ‘17

The Spring and Summer programme will continue to present and illustrate the rock types  and their attitudes which form the foundations of Jersey and there will also be presentations on the post-Ice Age deposits in our intertidal zones and our yellow, glacial head cliffs. These will be linked to a field visit to Les Mielles sand pits to see recent depositional features such as decayed vegetation zones and gravel intervals and sedimentary their structures. A visit to Bonne Nuit Bay is also planned to examine the striking Pleistocene cliff geology and the intertidal conglomerates. Another illustrated talk will also reveal the underground geology, beneath St. Helier, having been determined from bore holes and cores information. 

Practical sessions will be held at La Hougue Bie as usual, when Members bring along samples collected as beach pebbles which exhibit different textures and structures, and which may not always be from the local bedrock. After examination, photographing or drawing, they can be cut and polished to see their internal structures.

We shall also have a presentation by two of our Members on Creepy Valley, which will include the flora, fauna and other surface features as well as the geology.

Subsequently, the variety of the sills, dykes and veins which have intruded our main rock units will be illustrated and their origins discussed.

A talk on crystal mosaic textures and their formation is also planned as well as a talk on flint and its occurrence in Jersey.

‘Jersey’s Geological Heritage’, the fully illustrated summary guide to our legally twenty two approved SSIs, by Ralph Nichols and Samantha Blampied, is now on sale in the Office.

Our meetings are held on the second and fourth Fridays of the month and dinner meetings on every third Friday. Information on the meetings (and available publications, can be obtained from the SJ website and the Office on 758314. Our website is available via the Société website and also via 

                          Chairman, Colin Cheney.     Secretary, Ralph Nichols.

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