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An exciting new history is due to be published during the summer.

A Concise History of Jersey : a new perspective, written by Professor Colin Platt, will be a modestly priced and well illustrated book. Professor Platt's refreshingly different approach sets Jersey in context and outlines some of the outside forces which have influenced our political, economic and social development. The publication should appeal both to those desiring a brief but comprehensive view of Island history and to those who know well the traditional story but would enjoy a new perspective.

The Publications Committee is also working on The Heraldry of the Channel Islands and Jersey Place Names with a view to publication - when funds permit.

Francis Corbet – Chairman


After several years of service as Chairman of the Publications Committee, Mrs Marie-Louise Backhurst has relinquished the chair. The work which she has done as Chairman is much appreciated and we are delighted to report that she is remaining on the committee.

Mr Roger Jones, who has served as a committee member for some time, has agreed to become an adviser on future publications and, with the professional skills at his command, to help expedite their appearance.

We would remind Sections and members considering publishing that the Committee is the official organ of the Société to whom such works should be referred to as soon as possible so that they may be fitted into our programme of future publications and receive the necessary Société Jersiaise imprimata, ISBN and bar code required for saleable books.

Francis Corbet - Chairman

English-Jèrriais Dictionary

2008 sees the appearance in print of the first handy-sized English-Jèrriais dictionary. It will be easier than ever for English speakers to use and appreciate Jersey's own language. The new Dictionnaithe Angliais-Jèrriais, produced by L'Office du Jèrriais and published by Le Don Balleine, is a companion to the popular Jèrriais-English dictionary published in 2005.

Based on the long tradition of Jèrriais lexicography, this 364-page paperback dictionary includes:

  • the contents of the 2005 dictionary, revised and cross-referenced to make translations as accessible as possible;
  • extra items checked against the authoritative 1966 Dictionnaire Jersiais-Français;
  • modern words collected from written and broadcast sources since 2005;
  • rare words from old Jèrriais literature collected since 2005 but unrecorded in previous dictionaries.

New entries are also included in a Jèrriais-English appendix, and for convenience a botanical appendix provides scientific Latin names for plants in Jèrriais.

The volume will retail at £14.95, but by reserving a copy from Le Don Balleine before 19th May 2008, purchasers can benefit from the special pre-publication price of only £12.50.

ISBN: 1 904210 09 0

Published: 19th May 2008 - Available now from the Société Jersiaise Online Shop »


A collection of 20 essays - the fruit of a lifetime's study of Jersey's history - with special reference to matters maritime, the majority of which have formed the basis of local lectures and articles in the Société's Annual Bulletin. Covering subjects as diverse as pirates, shipbuilding and the cod fisheries in Newfoundland, land reclamation and the effects of climate change, this well illustrated book in handy paperback format is a fascinating read. Fully indexed to aid the researcher.

Published: November 2007 - Available now from the Société Jersiaise Online Shop »


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