The Société Jersiaise has published a wide range of material which falls into several categories.

Annual Bulletin

This, the main record of our activities, has been published since 1875.  It has from the start included learned articles on a wide range of subjects with relevance to Jersey.  It has also contained transcriptions of historical documents from our archives and elsewhere.  It is the most important starting point for any research on Jersey history, natural history, archaeology and geology.

The Bulletin has now been digitised in its entirety and is available, fully searchable, on this website.

Publication of historical documents

We have published much historical source material in our role as Jersey’s only Record Society.  The publication of the 1331 Extente de L’Ile in 1876 was the start of a long series of special publications including other Extentes, the Actes des États 1524-1800 and six volumes of the Island’s ancient charters.

English translations of two of the Island’s most important historical documents, the ‘Journal de Jean Chevalier’, and the ‘Chroniques de Jersey’ are in the course of preparation.

Secondary works

The Société is deeply committed to spreading knowledge of the Island and has published a large number of books and pamphlets regardless of commercial considerations, from learned works to guide books.  A fair number are still available via our online shop.

Recent publications include:

  • 2015 – ‘Balleine’s History of Jersey’ – A reprint of the 1982 edition of the standard history of the Island which is still very much in demand.
  • 2013 – ‘The Glory of the Garden’ – A summary of many years of research by the Garden History Section with descriptions of numerous interesting gardens, and gardens around the Island.