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Grant Opportunities

The Averil Picot Scholarship

Applications are invited for the award of an Averil Picot Scholarship.

Established in 1955, the Averil Picot Scholarship Fund was founded by the late Averil Picot for the purpose of awarding scholarships to students intending to study art at college and university. The Société Jersiaise, the Trustee of the Fund, administers the Scholarship.

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Barreau Art Scholarship

"A sum of £2,000 to be placed in trust in the hands of Société Jersiaise to found a scholarship to be called the "Barreau Art Scholarship", to assist any local art student of either sex in his or her studies at any recognised art school; the fund to be controlled by the executive committee of the Société Jersiaise, who shall also make the nominations."

Reprinted from the Bulletin, 1925


Millennium History Fellowship & Grants

Candidates are invited to submit their applications for both the Société Jersiaise Millennium History Fellowship (£2500 per annum for three years) and Millennium Grants (of up to £2000 for a year).

The Millennium Fellowship is intended as "top-up" to existing grants and will take effect from September 2002. The student should already be accepted for a graduate course in history (MA or MA equivalent or PhD) at a British University with a thesis topic in Jersey history.

The one-off Millennium Grants which range from single grants from £100 up to a maximum of £2,000 are intended to pay for specific expenses incurred by research projects in Jersey History and are open to both MA, PhD students and other scholars.


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