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Jersey Orchid

The Botany Section meets fortnightly and is always pleased to welcome new members. Our evening meetings consist of general topics concerning plants and their habitats and discussions of observations made by members. During the winter months the second half of the meeting is often spent showing slides of Jersey's plantlife or occasionally of the flora encountered on visits abroad.

Recently the Section has been involved in the BSBI Scarce Plant Survey when numerous records were collected to be included in an atlas to be published shortly. Locally, over the past two years, a survey of churchyard plants has been carried out and this year a start is to be made on surveying both wet meadows and hedgerows. Mapping of selected species is a further area of study and one which is ideal for beginners who wish to become involved.

As a member you will be able to contribute to these surveys and gain a wider knowledge of Jersey's flora both past and present. If you are interested please join us one evening to find out more.


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